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Open up a World of Remote Collaboration Opportunities

There are so many opportunities to leverage Augmented Collaboration in both remote offshore locations and onshore locations that make the change in the way of working using Streamsolution AS AR equipment hugely valuable.

By changing the way a company operates, AR technology can be used weekly or daily to do QA/QC, remotely support employees to perform work, leverage experts more efficiently and to improve employees knowledge and competency. In addition the technology can leveraged several times a month to accelerate training and competency, perform audits and inspections and to promote greater teamwork across groups located remotely from each other. Deploying this technology for these type of use cases at any facility will allow value to be generated every time it is used, and if utilized to its maximum potential it can deliver significant savings.

In addition, where the technology is deployed the user can also benefit greatly from numerous unplanned uses. Troubleshooting can be accelerated by connecting an expert to the issue in a matter of minutes, allowing diagnosis and any remedial work to take place in a fraction of the time it would normally take. If accidents occur, a Doctor can be available almost immediately to diagnose and prescribe treatment, potentially allowing an employee to be treated rapidly and avoiding potential complications associated with the normal waiting experienced.

The technology can be used to make any type of emergency response more effective. Connecting the live situation to the decision makers permits a more informed approach and better situational control. The potential to save lives as well as huge sums to remedy the situation should not be underestimated.

All this potential is now available and waiting to be exploited with newly available connectivity solutions for all situations. Whether there is available Wi-Fi network or an extensive 4G network, widely available in offshore locations now, or using a low earth orbit (LEO) satellite network, there is a solution for almost every situation and even if only a weak signal is available, there is now technology that can boost bandwidth to a usable level.

The use of remote collaboration digital technology is entering the mainstream. Significant opportunities exist through its use. Streamsolution AS is ready to help you capture this value. Visit us at or contact us at

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