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Engage and Motivate employees remotely

  • Be more present - engage with employees without travelling

  • Help when its needed - Perform better and build competence

  • Build motivation - Faster development and regular engagement

It is an enduring problem; how do managers engage with their employees when they perform their work away from a central location?


oyees perform better when they have frequent communication with their managers and can show them what the challenges they face. The basic role of a manager is to remove obstacles and provide resources for employees, allowing them to perform their responsibilities safely and efficiently. Being able to witness real working conditions and better understand the working environment will allow managers to decide how best to support their employees.

Using industry ready remote collaboration technology can allow managers to "be present" at the work site without having to travel. Visiting remote facilities can be very time consuming and can even result in disruption or delay to the operation. Managers can engage with employees more regularly, witnessing both standard operations and specialized activities at the appropriate time. Employees are more motivated as they know they have help available when they need it. They learn faster as experts can help them to become confident faster.

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