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Work Assurance

Make sure that work is performed correctly first time by connecting your experts with operations during critical tasks. Specialists located remotely from the worksite can directly interact with and instruct operators or they can verify the work once complete.

Ensuring your preparations and the work are completed correctly and documented will minimize the risk of failure.

Our Benefits

Authorize Work

Ensure that everything is ready to perform work by reviewing preparations remotely.

Remote Witness

Witness that critical tasks follow the recommended procedures.

Document Job

Work execution can be documented and archived to demonstrate quality of service execution.


Remote Inspection

All types of inspection can be carried out using minimal staff at the worksite. Inspectors can be centrally located eliminating the need to travel and allowing the inspectors time to be  optimized. In addition, the Streamsolution package can be used to perform management walk arounds or to do hazard hunts with the help of an office based.

Our Benefits

Remote Audits

Perform auditing tasks remotely. Get confirmation of a specific act or witness that it is complete as per instructions remotely.

Site Survey

Perform a site survey without sending a specialist to the worksite. Ensure it is complete and accurate.

Hazard Hunts

Do a remote walk around to look for hazards with fresh eyes. The situation can then be documented for later training


Equipment Verification

Ensure that new equipment is correctly installed and the work verified. Commissioning can be witnessed remotely and maintenance can be performed without a specialist travelling to the worksite.

Our Benefits


Use remote experts to guide equipment installation and make sure it is done correctly first time


Independently verify that equipment is installed correctly and safe to use.


Perform routine maintenance without mobilizing a specialist. Remotely guide personnel to perform scheduled tasks.


Unplanned Events

Incidents can happen even when work is well planned. The intervention that follows can have a big impact on how long and how expensive the incident will become. Using the Streamsolution package to understand the situation, then troubleshoot and repair equipment or manage an incident will bring a fast and positive resolution.

Our Benefits

Crisis Management

Provide your crisis management team a complete picture of the situation and allow to make better and faster decisions.


Quickly analyse the situation, troubleshoot the root cause and then repair the issue to allow a rapid return to operations.


Perform in depth investigations more rapidly, and with better action plans, with experts located remotely – potentially in multiple countries.


Employment Proficiency

Accelerate your employee proficiency by doing on the job training with your experts in the office. Carry out formal commentary task assessments or competency assessments without the assessor travelling to the worksite.

Our Benefits

Training on site

On site is the best classroom. Train as tasks are being performed under the guidance of your experts.


Perform occasional task assessments to ensure standards are maintained and confirm employee capabilities.


Your assessors will be able to perform more assessments without having to travel to the worksite.

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Engaging with employees in remote locations is difficult and expensive. Streamsolution can help to connect managers with their teams more regularly in a meaningful way. Customers have the opportunity to engage directly with the work using the Streamsolution package which can build trust and improve customer satisfaction.

Our Benefits


Management visits to remote worksites are an essential tool to motivate the employees and to keep them up to date.


Employees can express concerns and raise issues more easily to supervisors and managers.


Customers can see the work being performed and ask questions in real time. Build trust and improve satisfaction.

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Operational Efficiency

By adopting the Streamsolution package as a key tool in your workflows, offers many opportunities to unlock business improvements. From integrating elements of your operation more effectively, to improving the quality and repeatability of your services, to reducing the need for expert personnel at your worksite.

Our Benefits

Service Quality

Minimizing human error through real time oversight and verification that work is performed correctly will result in more consistency and higher quality results.


No need to keep experts at the worksite. Minimize travel and other expense and optimize the impact of your experts.


Integrate operations by ensuring that tasks can take place simultaneously without increasing risk of disruption.


Proper planning, preparations, execution will minimize down time and fast response will reduce the consequence if an incident does happen

Our Solutions

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