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Kick start your digital transformation

Many companies are striving to digitize their business, hoping to unlock the huge potential it brings. However, a digital transformation can be a daunting prospect. It can be difficult to understand where to start and can easily turn into a long and expensive project. Even then, the promised benefits can be wiped out if employees are not ready or willing to use the new systems.

For some time companies have looked to centralize expertise, seeing the potential to oversee more operations, improve consistency, or reduce costs. However, this can be expensive to set up and often yields disappointing results, largely due to the inflexibility of the technical solutions being deployed. The remote collaboration solution from Streamsolution can bridge the gap and help workers connect directly with experts to perform tasks. When combined with data visualizations, audio and video can make the difference to diagnose and fix any issue remotely.

Wider digital transformations are complicated by the change management efforts needed to get all employees trained and ready to use new digital solutions. Employees that do not understand the new system or how it fits into their job can struggle to fully adopt it and the value that was hoped for will be lost. Using a remote collaboration package can help to overcome these issues. Training is more easily understood and adopted when employees watch how a task is performed. An expert performs the task while wearing the remote collaboration headset and the trainees can watch remotely. The trainees can ask questions during the demonstration and even virtually point to what they would like more information on.

Good habits in following procedures are formed through repetition. Employees can perform new tasks while being monitored by an expert. This allows the expert to adjust the employees’ actions as they happen, leaving the employee with the "muscle memory" to perform their duties correctly every time.

The success of a digital transformation is dictated by how your employees relate to the digital change being put in place. The Streamsolution package can accelerate this adjustment for the employee or to the digital solution and allow your company to enjoy the full benefits of your digital investment sooner.

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