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  • Marcus Durant

Streamsolution revolutionizes offshore inspections with DNV Type Approval

Updated: May 28

Offshore operations face the challenge of ensuring operational and safety standards through inspections and testing of structure, equipment and systems that will require resources and extensive travel. However, a transformative solution has emerged with Streamsolutions groundbreaking equipment, now granted the first-ever type approval (certification) for a remote witnessing system by DNV.


Developed by Kiber, Streamsolutions equipment introduces a paradigm shift in offshore operations, enabling operators, asset owners, and other stakeholders to conduct inspection and test activities, without the need for personnel to be physically present onboard. This innovative approach not only streamline processes but also limit the effect on sometimes critical bedspace capacity and limit the cost for personnel transport.


Joar Haland, Sr. Principal Engineer at DNV, stated that "We are all very pleased with the process and that we now have our first type approved remote witnessing system (REW system). We see a clear increase in demands for remote activities in the industry. This calls for reliable REW systems that can deliver functionality and performance to ensure required efficiency and quality of the inspections."

Enhancing Offshore Inspections efficiency


Streamsolutions integration of Kiber's cutting-edge AR technology into offshore working practices marks a significant milestone in the industry's evolution towards more efficient and sustainable operations. The rigorous gap analysis and equipment testing required for the DNV certification, demonstrate Streamsolutions commitment to enhancing offshore inspection efficiency.


Bjorn Nilsen, CEO of Streamsolution, described this achievement as "an important milestone in the evolution of the offshore oil and gas industry towards more effective and sustainable working practices."


With the newly certified working practices using Kiber's advanced technology, numerous valuable applications are unlocked, offering significant financial savings to all who embrace them. This certification not only enhances operational efficiency but also paves the way for future innovations in the offshore sector.

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DNV Type Approval Certificate
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