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Is poor connectivity slowing you down?

Are you looking for a digital solution to start transforming your business? Do you execute your operations in remote areas which are difficult to access both physically and digitally? Or do you have dead spots on location that will not allow you connect to your digital equipment wirelessly? Augmented reality is an immediate way to benefit from the digital transformation and having a robust connectivity solution is essential to delivering the value your business is looking for.

Streamsolution AS offers a complete Augmented Reality package (hardware and software) and through our partners (Tampnet and JB Group) we can also tailor robust connectivity solutions that allow you to start using the solution and enjoy immediate benefits.

Using the 4G network is a real and a viable option for the most parts in the North Sea, both in UK and Norway side. Connecting to the 4G network has actually become the preferred connectivity method by our customers because of its availability, robustness, easiness to use, and cost effectiveness.

If you are concerned about the amount of steel and concrete offshore that might block the 4G signal, the reality is that the strength of the signal available onboard rigs, both inside and outside is very strong and in almost every case we are able to stream and connect from within the structure of the rig. Even if there are some blind spots inside critical areas, we have additional solutions available (via our partners) to overcome these challenges with simple plug and play equipment.

All solutions are certified explosion proof and rated for work in the most hostile environments. With this complete solution you can focus on how best to implement your augmented reality technology. Which could allow you to remove the need for an expert at location to perform specialized tasks or to collaborate with workers to solve issues or manage incidents as well as many other use cases.

With all the roadblocks removed, these and many more solutions are waiting to be adopted and for you to enjoy immediate benefits.

More information can be seen at Streamsolution

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