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Industry Ready

The Top Industry Ready AR Package Available

Choosing the right technology is a critical decision when integrating augmented reality collaboration into your business. It is important to understand all aspects of the technology and how it is used to ensure that it is truly ready for your business. 

The Streamsolution package is specifically designed to be used in tough industries and in all conditions.

The Best Ergonomics

  • Comfortable for extended use

  • Minimal eye strain

  • Simple controls that can be operated with gloves

  • Easily removed when not in use

Good for All Environments

  • ATEX Zone 1 certified

  • Usable in rain or storms

  • Usable in bright or dark areas

  • Usable on noisy machinery

  • Rugged

Simple to use

  • Simple to start and Operate

  • Work in tight spaces

  • Long battery life

  • Easy to clean

Works with all PPE

  • Fits with a standard Hard Hat

  • Use with standard safety glasses

  • Use in dirty environment

  • Use with Ear defenders

Reliable Connectivity

  • Connects automatically

  • Works anywhere

  • Offline mode

  • Backup connectivity (Wifi + 4G)

Stable software & security

  • GDPR ready

  • Cloud based data security

  • Firewall friendly

  • Simple collaboration software tool

  • No upfront software investment

  • Simple software subscription

How it works

How it works

We package communication and collaboration technology, industry leading connectivity solutions with our experience. In order to find the best applications for your business and ensure correct implementation.

How it works.png


The best industrial solution for harsh working conditions supported by a simple fit-for-purpose collaboration platform.

Removable Binocular Visor
Designed for low eyestrain with high quality display resolution

Wide Angle Camera
Clear and steady vision of on-site environment with a 150° field of view

Fully Integrated Headset
Perform efficient communication in noisy environments

Kiber3_Field_App computer.png

6-8 H Long Life Battery
Reduce time pressure in solving emergency situations

4GB Local Storage
Access documentation anytime in stand-alone mode

For close view on details and thermal imaging capacity



Fast, reliable network connectivity allows seamless streaming to and from the worksite whenever required. We also provide solutions when connectivity and infrastructure are limiting factors through our partners.

In general, new builds and modern rigs are designed and built with good WIFI coverage. In addition, a large portion of the brown field platforms have upgrade plans to install WIFI.
If WIFI is not available, then connecting to the offshore 4G network is a viable and proven solution.

Limited network

In the case of limited 4G in the outskirts of existing network infrastructure, Streamsolution can also provide tools to boost signals to sufficient levels:

  • 4G adapters (Cells, Tablets)

  • Portable signal boosters / repeaters

  • Portable local Mesh Networks

  • Access Point Network (APN)

Maximum Cyber Safety
Web-based solution using WSS (SSL) encryption protocol, the best tested cryptography

Remote Band Width Control
Data traffic always under control, allows to define your bandwidth consumption: low to high quality streaming.

Data Compression Optimized
State of the art audio/video compression, also works with 2GEdge and satellite connections

Firewall Friendly
No installation is required to access the secure shared collaboration space

tablets-and-smartphones atex.png
Map Tampnet.PNG

ATEX certified 4G Connector

Example of Coverage Map



Get the most of the new way of working. We help you to embed the technology into existing or new workflows and to deploy them successfully.


Identification of use cases and find matching workflows applicable to your company

Valuation of the savings to build the business case to justify the investments (ROI)

Change management to prepare your organization getting ready for a new way of working

Deployment support to ensure successful implementation

24/7 Support:

Hotline available 24/7 for general support (questions, ad-hoc training, configuration, software updates...etc...)

Swap arrangements within hours in case of broken equipment

Hotline Consultant
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