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Why is technology implementation often disappointing?

New and exciting possibilities to improve your business are frequently announced in the news with rapid advances in technology development. Promises of fantastic improvements in productivity or reductions in costs are often headlines. Yet when it comes to adoption and implementation of these technologies, the results are often disappointing.

Most companies offer technology as an instant fix for your business needs. However, assuming that technology is the solution can be problematic. Think of this approach as like taking a headache tablet, in 20 minutes you might feel a little better and you can struggle through your daily business. However, you are only treating the symptoms rather than addressing the underlying cause of the problem. Throwing technology into your business like this will likely have minimal impact, and if it does show initial promise the effects often quickly wear off as your employees abandon the technology and return to old habits. The worst case could be that you invest in new technology and get no return on the investment at all.

There are examples of where technology can be absorbed seamlessly and add value quickly. However, in general, technology implementation requires significant change in the way you work to unlock its ultimate value. These technologies require a completely different approach to produce the exceptional returns that they promise.

A successful technology implementation will only be possible when a holistic approach is taken. Product to market fit must be close enough to not be seen as an obstacle. Technology that is "industry ready" should be your first priority. However, operational integration is just as critical. Companies often try to include technology into the way they currently work or try to customize the technology to fit. It is far better to accept that technology implementation will result in a change to the way you work as then you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that it can bring. Last but not least, people use technology, and it is their acceptance that will determine its ultimate success. Answering their question, "what's in it for me" will be critical.

The implementation of technologies like augmented reality into industry is no exception. Technology use will result in a changed set of processes and employee responsibilities. Streamsolution offers a complete solution to our customers. Providing an "industry ready" technology package and a proprietary implementation framework to ensure that our customers get the maximum impact from the technology. We are here to help you make the best decisions, integrate the technology into your workflows and ensure that your workforce is fully equipped to optimize the impact in your business.

Optimize your return on investment into augmented reality and make sure that you take the holistic approach to its implementation. For more information go to



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