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Too much fire fighting?

Updated: May 9, 2022

Most businesses rely on repeatable and consistent operations to drive business results. Optimizing operations to deliver the best products and services at the lowest cost is the goal all businesses. However, once a business has reached maturity it is often incidents and deviations that halt or detract from this business performance. Downtime comes when operations can no longer progress toward delivering the product or service. Instead companies are focused on stabilizing a situation or performing remedial work in order to return to where a company makes its money.

The path to return to stable operations can be lengthy and costly. Experts are normally required but seldom immediately available. In remote situations, a specialist capable of diagnosing and fixing the situation could take days to reach the problem. The consequential costs of equipment on rental and personnel waiting to resume normal operations can be significant, diminishing margins as a result.

Having your experts on standby ready to travel at a moments notice is also expensive and still does not eliminate the potential for lengthy waiting times. Additionally, an expert may arrive at a location, only to realize that additional equipment is needed or additional experience is necessary.

The Streamsolution package of services allows you to have your specialists and experts ready to troubleshoot and remediate an issue within minutes instead of days. Using the best augmented reality headset and the most reliable network in the industry can allow a problem to be properly diagnosed and operations returned to normal with minimal downtime.

In industries where downtime is a significant factor in business performance, it is easy to become good at fire fighting instead of optimizing the correct way of working. Using augmented reality remote collaboration allows companies to focus on optimizing the working processes when incidents become a much smaller and more manageable part of the operation.

In addition, with specialist centrally located, they can spend a much great proportion of their time perfecting their understanding and expertise. This knowledge becomes much more transferable and your continuous improvement efforts will accelerate.

The Streamsolution package offers the key to unlocking the potential of your business that is being held back by fire fighting.

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