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Don't let covid 19 slow you down!

The Pandemic has been with us for 2 years, now with the latest Omicron variant raising the possibility of more restrictions and more friction in how we perform business, is it time to think of measures to maintain business continuity?

Covid-19 has meant that businesses have had to put in place many additional measures over the last 2 years. These measures have added cost and slowed down effectiveness, as it has become harder and harder to move employees to the point that they can deliver their expertise. Social distancing, isolation, testing and vaccination have all been used to reduce the spread of the disease, and international travel has been interrupted making it difficult to move people to where they need to be. Each measure creates additional challenges for business by reducing transport capacity, adding expense for employees to isolate or the delays that result from having to test.

Many companies temporarily reduced their work programs to a minimum, in the belief that the pandemic would be short lived, and everything would return to normal. Sadly this has proven incorrect, and the pandemic looks likely to continue in the near term with further corona virus outbreaks fueled by new variants likely. Unfortunately, the reduced work programs have left a back log of work on maintenance and inspection that even under normal circumstances would take a long time to clear. With limited numbers of experts, and further restrictions coming into place, business could be facing business interruptions because of failed equipment or lack of certification.

However, there is a solution. Implementing remote collaboration using the Streamsolution augmented reality package allows businesses to perform these tasks without having to move people around. Even if some of your employees are forced to work from home, operations can continue by using an augmented reality headset on the location and connecting to experts sitting at home. The Streamsolution package of technology, connectivity solutions and deployment support, is industry ready, being simple to operate and designed to work in the harshest conditions. Using augmented reality remote collaboration will allow you to think differently about how you perform your business, allowing your experts to be constantly ready to make sure work is performed properly, inspections can be done without interfere with operations and troubleshooting issues can be done much faster leading to lower costs, less quality issues and decreased downtime.

Don't let Covid-19 be a drag on your business, future proof your business by adopting new more efficient ways of working using a solution that you can deploy today - find out more at



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