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Reduce your CO2 footprint.

The world finds itself in a tough situation. The idea that we can simply stop using fossil fuels in the short term to service the worlds needs and retain the lifestyle that we have become reliant on is still some way off. However, companies are now looking to the future and trying to find ways to minimize their CO2 footprint while still actively working to find and produce hydrocarbons.

There are many contributors to a company's CO2 footprint, however, some contributors are more simple to action than others. Travel to and from oil rigs in the UK and Norwegian Oil sectors accounts for an estimated 50K+ tonnes of CO2 each year. This is largely made up of personnel transportation to and from oil rigs. Many trips are scheduled crew changes, allowing employees time off to rest after weeks on a facility. However, many passengers are travelling to perform one off services like inspections, maintenance, rig visits, trouble shooting among others. These engineers and specialists are essential to keeping the oil and gas industry running and their expertise is not easily transferable or repeatable. The consequence is that these people are in demand and can be expensive.

Fully adopting a remote collaboration way of working, allowing the workers on the rig to perform the specialist tasks while the experts sit in a central office and direct them, has many benefits to business, including the option to reduce the needed to transport people long distances on commercial flights and helicopters. Reducing the number of people required offshore and consequently the number of flights will result in reducing the CO2 produced in the oil and gas industry.

Streamsolution has a unique package of services designed to deliver on this promise straightaway. Combining the industry leading remote collaboration headset, simple and easy to use collaboration software, reliable connectivity and industry expertise and deployment support ensures its effective use. Streamsolution provides a simple way to reducing your CO2 footprint.



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