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  • Marcus Durant

Get to the next level of quality and HSE performance

If ONLY you had more people observing and checking equipment and how jobs are performed - you would be able to deliver much better quality products and services and you would have less HSE incidents!

This is the usual refrain heard from most quality and HSE professionals but it is difficult to act on because of the additional costs. Trying to justify additional headcount to achieve better results is difficult, but if headcount additions are as insurance it very unlikely to be accepted.

Is there is another way? One that will save far more than it will ever cost and has the opportunity to improve quality and minimize HSE events.

Imagine connecting your quality or HSE professionals directly to the field whenever needed. The Augmented reality solution from Streamsolution provides the tools necessary to start collaborating remotely today. A worker wearing an augmented reality headset in the field can be guided by a remote HSE specialist, to identify potential safety issues. Being able to see hazardous situations or potential quality problems without needing to be physically at a site brings a multitude of benefits to any business. Quality and HSE professional can be much more "present" and engaged with the employees at the worksite, they would be able to encourage and reinforce the right behaviours and they can do it at many more sites than ever possible before.

The result will be a workforce that is much focused on safety, always looking out for potential hazards and ensuring that everything is being done to prevent incidents from happening.

Augmented reality could be the lever that takes HSE performance at the workplace to the next level, bringing industry closer to the goal of zero incidents.



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