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  • Marcus Durant

Continue operating even in challenging environments

After years of expansion in our ability to move around freely, today travel feels like it is getting harder by the day. Covid restrictions, increased immigration obstacles, and increased risk to your people can make it very challenging or near impossible to get the right person in the right place at the right time. With tension in Eastern E

urope, the fallout from Brexit and the chaos caused by infectious diseases, as well as the need from more training and certification to go to most industrial facilities, it is harder than ever to move across borders and to remote worksites than ever before.

At the same time, the need for experience and expertise to perform complex tasks has in many cases increased. New technologies need first

hand experience to operate or to troubleshoot and with the current shortage in qualified people this problem is only likely to get worse in the short term.

While Covid restrictions have abated in many countries, the winter flu season is coming soon and new issues are likely to surface, even if no ne

w restrictions are put in place.

The solution is to think differently. Leave your experts in the office or at home and connect them to workers off shore when you need them. Remote collaboration will allow you to change your working practices providing many very tangible benefits including optimization of your expertise, improvement in quality, reduction in downtime a

s well as many others.

Implementing remote collaboration using the Streamsolution augmented reality package allows businesses to perform these tasks without having to move your people around. Even if some of your employees are forced to work from home, operations can continue using an augmented reality headset on location and connecting to ex

perts sitting at home. The Streamsolution package of equipment, connectivity solutions and deployment support, is industry ready, being simple to operate and designed to work in the harshest conditions. The Streamsolution AR package will allow you to think differently about how you perform your business, allow your experts to make sure work is performed properly, inspections can be done without interference with operations and troubleshooting issues can

be done much faster leading to lower costs, fewer quality issues and decreased downtime.

Don't let increased restrictions stop business

, future proof your business by adopting new more efficient ways of working using a solution that you can deploy today - find out more at



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