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Meet the team

Torjer Halle

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CEO Nordcon, former Chairman Schlumberger Norwary, 30 years Oil & Gas Experience

Bjørn Nilsen.jpg

Bjørn Nilsen

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Former Senior Manager at Schlumberger. Key player in digital transformation, 20 years Oil & Gas Experience


Olav Larsen

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Former Sales Manager Schlumberger, Wellit and AGR Software, 20 years Oil & Gas Experience.


Marcus Durant

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Former Vice President at Schlumberger. Central role in digital transformation. 30 years Oil & Gas Experience

What we do

What we do
  • Helping to break down the boundaries of conventional thinking.

  • With our remote collaboration and communication package, we unlocks a multitude of opportunities to streamline your business, improve quality and reduce cost.

  • We help to get the most out of your expensive experts by minimizing wasted time, being available wherever and whenever needed.

  • The Streamsolution package can be used for multiple applications including work assurance, remote inspections, equipment verification, employee proficiency and engagement and to effectively managed unplanned events.

  • We package communication and collaboration technology, industry leading connectivity solutions with our industry leading experience to find the best applications for your business and ensure that they are correctly implemented.

  • Together, with our 24/7 technical support Streamsolution offers a unique way of turbo charging your digital transformation and drive better business.

Why use us

Why use us
  • Technology used without understanding how it will be used and implemented, often results in disappointing results.

  • We provide a range of service packages to match customer requirements which will progressively re-disk your investment and accelerate the value you can obtain.

Oilfield ready

Oilfield ready
  • Not all augmented reality technology is the same.

  • It is important to use technology that is fit for purpose and will not take excessive time and cost to get working.

  • The Streamsolution package is fully oilfield ready. Ready for all environments, ready for all users, ready for all challenges.

Our Values



Our purpose is to expand your mindset. Allowing you to identify better and safer ways of working, i.e. lowering cost while maintaining and/or increasing quality and more efficiency.

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Powered by VRMedia, spin-off company of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, one of the most important educational institutions in Italy with top ranking in the world of Higher Education for applied sciences. Kiber tech is specializing on augmented reality and advanced communications solutions.



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Tampnet provides offshore assets with high speed internet connection through a subsea fibre optic broadband. We also install and operate an offshore 4G LTE network, giving reliable roaming even in rough weather. High capacity internet access enables digitalization of your business, resulting in faster and improved decision-making, increased efficiency and major cost savings.

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A complete supplier of products and services for the offshore industry. Engineering, project management, electro, automation, hydraulics, diesel power and mechanics.

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